Nordenstreng Kaarle

Liberate (Press) Freedom from Its Ideological Baggage!

Kaarle Nordenstreng
In the West, press freedom is typically understood as self-evident – as part of a pervasive ideology rather than of a rational doctrine. Therefore, while cherishing the idea of freedom, there is a need to deconstruct libertarian myths about press freedom. For instance, the metaphor of a free marketplace of ideas turns out to be something…

MacBride Report as a Culmination of NWICO

Kaarle Nordenstreng
The MacBride Report with the title Many Voices, One World (MacBride & al., 1980) was published 30 years ago in 1980, and it immediately became a classic in international media studies. But soon its profile began to decline, mainly because its main sponsor UNESCO turned its attention to other topics…